Below is the range of services I offer.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can contact me to discuss.

Ghost Writing

I understand you need to provide more and more content to satisfy your audience’s need for information and you therefore may not be able to personally provide all those content yourself. Luckily, It is all I do.

I will write your articles and relinquish the credit to you. Be rest assured the article will be well-researched and contain necessary data and facts that will make them very compelling and show you as an expert. Of course, your readers will always come back for more!


You probably need an e-book as a lead magnet to build your email list or you want to sell it as an information product to your subscribers. Whichever may be the case, I can write a valuable e-book that your readers will find engaging on any topic of your choice.

Don’t have a topic? Never to worry. I can help you research a hot topic to write based on the needs of your target audience.

Blog Posts

If you run a blog, then you know that fresh and useful content is the fuel that keeps the wheels of your blog running.

I can provide that fuel and make sure it never runs dry. I will provide the kind of content that will accurately suit your kind of audience.

Guest Posts

I believe you understand the importance of guest posts on traffic. It allows you reach out to a larger audience related to your niche and create backlinks to your website which is important in pushing your website up in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Coming up with an article that your target blog needs and will find valuable is my job.


According to Digital Marketing Association, for every $1 investment made in email marketing, you should expect a ROI of $38. You can therefore not afford to ignore the importance of email marketing in your campaigns.

Newsletters remain the way to maintain communication with your audience. Considering how daunting a task it may be for you communicating regularly with your subscribers, I can do an immense job in writing your newsletters ensuring that you maintain a valuable relationship with your subscribers and take advantage of the potential profit inherent in newsletters.

Landing/Sales Page Content

Let’s face it! Not everyone can write content that will make your readers take action. It’s a different thing providing information but its another ball game ensuring that your readers take the exact action you want them to take.

I am talking Conversions!

This is exactly what I do and have experience it. Let me write your sales page and ensure you are not wasting the traffic that comes your way which I believe is costing you some cash. Even if you already have a sales page, I can help you re-write your sales copy to increase your conversions.